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  • Underage Sales Are Avoidable With Proper Training

    Ohio’s alcoholic beverage regulatory structure is a complex and detailed system entailing multiple chapters in the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code. These laws and regulations incorporate subjects...
  • ‘Dram Shop’ Laws Determine Injury Liability

    Now that the winter of 2017-18 is over, patrons are returning to bars and taverns to enjoy patio activities and adult refreshments. Most consumers will consume responsibly. Nevertheless, a retail...
  • Matching Photos, DOBs Is Crucial When Checking IDs

    As every liquor permit holder in Ohio must be aware, and as I repeatedly write in this column, underage sales of alcohol citations are the most common cases I observe...
  • ‘Spring’ Cleaning Is Important Year-round

    The start of the spring is the perfect time to begin and maintain good habits. Below are suggestions that your patrons and liquor control regulators will appreciate your attention and...
  • June 1 Permit Renewal Deadlines Approaching

    For all liquor permit holders in the western part of Ohio, midnight on June 1 means it is time to renew your permit.

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