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Capital Headlines

  • Climate Change Leads To Costlier Beer

    WASHINGTON — Increasing extreme heat waves and drought resulting from climate change will hurt future production of barley, leading to more expensive beer.Read More
  • Turn Clocks Back On Nov. 4

    Some on-premises retailers will be able to keep their doors open an extra hour when daylight saving time ends next month. This year’s end to DST is Sunday, Nov. 4....Read More
  • Appeals Court Rules In Tip Fight

    SAN FRANCISCO — An appeals court here ruled last month that restaurants must pay waiters and bartenders minimum wage when they are engaged in tasks that do not offer tips.Read More
  • Kentucky Distiller Sues Over Trademark

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Heaven Hill Distillery has sued Bob Dylan’s whiskey company for trademark infringement involving its logo.Read More
  • Chimay Issues Voluntary Recall

    AUSTIN, Texas (PRNewswire) — Belgian brewer Bieres de Chimay and its U.S. importer, Manneken Brussel Imports of Austin, Texas, have issued a voluntary recall of approximately 415 cases of Chimay...Read More

Legally Speaking

  • 21st Amendment Grants Liquor Control To States

    In light of the U.S. Supreme Court accepting the case from Tennessee regarding durational residency requirement for retailers, a brief review of the purpose of the language in Section 2...
  • High Court To Hear 21st Amendment Case

    The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the appeal of the Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association. On Sept. 27, the court granted the petition filed earlier this summer. The question...
  • ‘Tied House’ Laws Support Three-Tier System

    Any person entering the alcohol industry as a license holder must familiarize themselves with what is known as “tied house” restrictions. “Tied house” refers to laws, adopted both on the...
  • Appeals Court Reverses Liquor Commission Order

    The Franklin County Court of Appeals rendered a decision on Aug. 30 which liquor permit holders and applicants should take interest.
  • Al-Bev Sampling Requires Special Permits

    The Ohio Revised Code prohibits all permit holders from giving away any alcoholic beverages in connection with the permit holder’s business. This includes “donations” even if the donation is to...
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