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Legally Speaking

  • Sales Incentive Programs Must Comply With Rule 45

    Throughout the United States, manufacturers and suppliers of alcoholic beverages use various promotions to increase sales of their alcoholic products. The use of such sales promotions in Ohio is regulated...
  • Training Can Help Avoid Serving Drunk Patrons

    The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas recently affirmed an order of the Liquor Control Commission finding a retailer with on-premises privileges in violation of RC 4301.22(B), which prohibits the...
  • Complying With Rule 52 Can Avoid Legal Troubles

    In the May 16, 2017, column, “Legally Speaking” reviewed a decision rendered by the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas affirming the Liquor Control Commission’s order granting a permit holder...
  • Preparation Underway For Feb. 1 Permit Renewals

    For all liquor retail permit holders in the central and eastern parts of Ohio, midnight on Feb. 1 means it is time to renew your permit. Too many permit holders...
  • Repeal Created Today’s Regulatory Scheme

    Dec. 5 marked the 84th anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution, which repealed Prohibition and established today’s effective system of state-based alcohol regulation.

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