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Capital Headlines

Legally Speaking

  • Court Reverses Commission For Lack Of Evidence

    The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas recently reversed an order of the Liquor Control Commission finding a retail permit holder in violation of RC 4301.69(A) for failing a compliance...
  • Court Upholds Violation Of Pandemic Curfew

    The Franklin County Court of Appeals, on Sept. 30, rendered a decision which affirmed in part and reversed in part a common pleas case involving three Liquor Control Commission orders.
  • Court: Dine Safe Order Violation Not ‘Disorderly Conduct’

    The Franklin County Court of Appeals on Sept. 30 rendered a decision in which the common pleas court affirmed an Aug. 21, 2020, order of the Liquor Control Commission finding...
  • Affirmative Defense Requires Close ID Checking

    As every liquor permit holder in Ohio must be aware and, as I repeatedly write in this column, underage sales of alcohol citations are the most common cases I observe...
  • District Court Rejects Challenge To Three-Tier System

    As previously reported in “Legally Speaking,” an out-of-state retailer and an Ohio wine consumer have challenged Ohio statutes which prohibit out-of-state retailers from shipping alcohol directly to Ohio consumers.