Remember When

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Published: 11/02/2010

50 Years Ago-Nov. 8, 1960 — Leander Hipp, of Maple City Ice Co. in Norwalk, was re-elected regional vice president for the National Beer Wholesalers Association…25 Years Ago-Nov. 5, 1985 — R. Kenneth Kerr, of Kerr Distributing Co. in Athens, was elected secretary of the NBWA...15 Years Ago-Nov. 7, 1995 — Michael A. Zappa was elected president of the Ohio Coin Machine Association…10 Years Ago-Nov. 7, 2000 — Kevin Erickson, a bartender at Shooters in Cleveland, received the Finlandia vodka “Bartenders are Gods” award…1 Year Ago-Nov. 3, 2009 — Michael Mondavi was named honorary chairman of the 20th annual Cincinnati International Wine Festival.