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Visiting Ambassador

Joining Glenfiddich ambassadors David Allordice (second from left) during a recent round of tastings and training for RNDC staff are (l-r) Jim Ellers, district manager Control States for William Grant & Sons; Susan Kuilder, key accounts manager for William Grant & Sons; and Rick Hines, distilled spirits specialist for William Grant & Sons.

Producers Series

Enjoying the recent Remy Producers Series event at Take 5 in Cleveland are (l-r) Glynn Wesley and Tom Wilson of RNDC, Cleveland radio host RoDigga, and RNDC’s Derrick Jackson and Matt Noblett. The event featured the producer DJ Mustard, who was collaborated with artists such as Tyga, Ludacris, Fergie, Nelly and Rihanna.

Happy Repeal

Celebrating Repeal Day during an Old Forester Repeal Day promotion at Denmark on High in Columbus are (l-r) Pete Wagner of Brown-Forman, James DeFrance and Misa Farslow of Denmark, and Kelsie Senser of RNDC.

Chilling Visit

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Texas Tour

Tito Beveridge (center), founder of Tito’s Handmade vodka, hosts RNDC-Ohio’s (l-r) Jared Camden, Courtney Koening, Brian Butts, Kristin McAlarney, Jay Logsdon and Sam Randazzo during their recent visit to Austin, Texas.

Retirement Recognition

Michael Bellas (center), chairman of Choice Brands of Ohio in Mingo Junction, is presented proclamations from the Ohio House and Senate recognizing his retirement from Wholesale Beer & Wine Association of Ohio President Curt McCamon (left) and John Fleming, both of Superior Beverage Group, during last month’s WBWAO 82nd annual fall convention in Columbus.

Wholesaler Of The Year

Andy Phillips (right), president of Southeast Beverage Co. in Athens, accepts the 2016 Ohio Tavern News “Wholesaler of the Year” award from OTN Account Manager Max Eckenwiler during the 82nd annual fall convention of the Wholesale Beer & Wine Association of Ohio on Sept. 12 in Columbus.

Sailor Jerry Trumped

Promoting Sailor Jerry rum – and Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins for president – at the Wonder Bar in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention are (l-r) Rob Biehl, Colleen Durante and Susan Kuilder from William Grant & Sons.


Sazerac’s Mark Godenswager (second from right), treats RNDC-Ohio Division managers (l-r) Melissa Myers, Kevin Ryan, RNDC-Ohio President Stacy Gabel, Mel Fisher and Justin Tavares to the recent Guns-N-Roses concert in Cincinnati to celebrate the success of Gran Gala Orange Liqueur.